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Partnership Buddy Healthcare

Care personnel doesn’t know how their patients are doing before, and after surgeries, they don’t have tools to monitor patients and receive up-to-date health information, and they spend an extensive amount of time on communications and paperwork.

Vice versa, patients don’t want to be any more bystanders in their own treatment. They want to participate in decision-making actively, receive easy-to-follow timely instructions and support and always know what will happen next in their care path.

Meet the platform that makes sure patients are always aware of the next steps on their care path

BuddyCare virtual care platform can be used for not only symptom tracking, remote monitoring and data collection purposes but also in digitizing secure communication between the individuals/patients and healthcare professionals.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Buddy Healthcare to bring the BuddyCare platform to hospitals in Belgium and Luxemburg.

1. Engage Patients With an App

An easy-to-use mobile app helps patients to navigate through their care pathways and ensures that patients have access to important care related information 24/7.

Timely automated reminders and push notifications ensure that patients get the right information at the right time.

Push notifications can be used to share

  • Information on the operation

  • Administrative forms

  • Procedure checklist

  • Educational videos or photos

  • When to take / stop the medication

  • Wound care information

  • Rehabilitation exercises

  • Pain meter

  • In-app questionnaires (PROM, PREM, QoL)

  • Secure messaging between patients and care teams

White label app enhances care provider’s brand. The mobile app and care pathways will be customized based on the healthcare provider’s needs, preferences, and brand.

2. Improve operational efficiency with automated care coordination

BuddyCare Platform automates care personnel’s care coordination as the patient-facing mobile app instructs patients with timely information, reminders and in-app questionnaires collection.

Reduce phone calls and mailings

When all the forms (pre-questionnaires, PROMs, PREMs) and patient materials have been digitized and sending and collection is automated, there is rarely need to make calls to the patients. Leaned processes, automated questionnaires collection and patient guidance results in reduced administrative work and costs.

Consistent care process for patients

The use of the mobile app as a communication means ensures that all patients attending a particular procedure receive the same information through the same channel, which makes the care process consistent. Care process consistency helps the management, for example, to evaluate the patient-reported experiences (PREMs) better. The platform enables providers to configure their own automation rules and timers to customize the best possible automated care coordination process.

3. Follow up patients progress with remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Through the dashboard care providers have a real-time 360 degrees view over all of the patients’ care pathways and activities. The platform provides attention notifications if a patient is about to deviate from the care pathway helping healthcare providers to intervene sooner to early signs of potential no-shows or cancellations. The interactive platform allows sending extra reminders and messages to the patients at risk.

4. Patient data collection and management reporting

Collect data through the app

The platform is an efficient way to collect patient-reported outcomes (PROMs), patient-reported experiences (PREMs), and QoL questionnaires. Short split questionnaires collected from patients’ app after each step in the care pathway ensure high response rates and high-quality answers.

Use the data reporting for analysis

The platform collects structured data and provides hospital management reports for analyzing care pathways and patient feedback.

More info

Would you like to hear more in person? We are happy to organize an online meeting/demo for you. 


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