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Partnership Blyott, location based tracking and monitoring

Blyott, the new standard in location based tracking and monitoring

We are proud to announce our partnership with Blyott to bring the new standard in location based tracking and monitoring to hospitals in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Blyott is a machine learning and modular Real Time Location System (RTLS). Plug and play. Affordable.

It gives healthcare organisations remote insights into their assets and can lead to big savings and happy staff. Relieving medical staff in their daily tasks. Simplifying the use of modern technologies and implementing them in an ethical and human way.

Blyott offers a solution to two major challenges encountered on a daily basis in healthcare:

1. Tracking: where to find medical assets, patients & people?

Stressed medical staff looking for equipment. Hospitals buying 10% to 20% more portable equipment than they actually need to operate successfully. How to solve these issues?

2. Monitoring: how to integrate Internet of -Medical- Things? We see more and more wireless sensors, e.g. probes to monitor temperatures of refrigerators, even patches to monitor heartbeats of patients. How to integrate these devices into one solution?

Blyott's main characteristics

Bringing plug and play to IoT

Blyott connects directly to existing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth infrastructure. Just attach the sensor, connect it via the app and you’re ready to roll. Blyott brings a hospital ‘live’ in a few days.

Ensure secure interoperability

The possibilities of IoT will drastically increase in the near future. Blyott allows devices to communicate regardless of operating system, service provider, transport technology or ecosystem. End-to-end encrypted.

Automapping on the fly

Mapping a hospital would normally take weeks. Let alone the future mutations. Blyott automaps any hospital by machine learning for more accurate indoor localisation. No hands needed.

Ultra Hygienic

Blyott tags last for years (appr. 5). To make sure Blyott tags can be used under any circumstances they can be sterilised. Easily. No need to detach, so keep on going.

Let's get in touch!

Do you have questions about this system, or do you want to experience Blyott yourself? Click the button below to contact us.

We're more than happy to schedule a demo!


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