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Our sustainable commitment

Driven by our strong company values we've made sustainability a substantial part of our business strategy.


Healthcare has negative climate impact both via emissions in the production of disposable products and via the high volume of waste generated after the products have been used. As a leading distributor of medical solutions in Europe, Duomed plays an important role between production and consumption. Our unique position gives us the opportunity to make the healthcare market more sustainable.

Driven by our strong company values we’ve made sustainability a substantial part of our business strategy. At Duomed, we believe profit and purpose are mutually reinforcing. The urgency around climate change has moved us to accelerate our sustainability initiatives and demands a sustainability strategy with bolder, more ambitious goals. But our strategy goes further than caring for our planet. It’s also about offering a high-quality, sustainable product portfolio and investing in our people, our most important asset.

We set up 10 company-wide projects to deliver on our ambitions and we are committed to include clear sustainability goals into our long term company strategy.

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Our sustainable commitment is built on three pillars:

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Duomed respects its employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors, treating everybody with integrity and fairness. We believe in the power of diversity, and we stand for appropriate working hours, employee development, fair remuneration and health and safety. We prohibit all forms of child or forced labor, discrimination and harassment. Our commitment is to ensure that every employee is treated equal and has the opportunity to thrive and develop.

Our people focus


Upholding the highest ethical standards and grow people into experts through lifelong learning.


We are committed on making our workplace more diverse and inclusive, creating a company where everyone feels at home.


We strive for nothing less than a zero-accident workplace by building a strong safety culture with a focus on prevention and risk management.


We promote a balanced lifestyle and good mental health by organizing several sports events or inspiring keynotes.


Duomed strives for a better world on a healthy planet. We conduct all our operations in full compliance with the applicable environmental regulations and proactively aim to minimize our impact on the environment, focusing on waste reduction and recycling, energy and water consumption.

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Our planet focus


We take action on reducing business travel, analyzing customer deliveries and moving the company vehicle fleet to zero emissions.


We are committed to reducing our energy consumption to the technical minimum and shifting the remaining consumption to renewable energy sources.


Our companies are involved in local joint projects to reduce waste from their operations and will be working with customers and suppliers to increase the use of renewable materials and reduce waste and pollution on the production side.


We are committed to limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we emit into the atmosphere. We strive to limit global warming to well below 2°C, in line with the Paris Agreement. We will set a science-based target and develop a reduction roadmap.



By embedding sustainability in our sourcing strategy, supplier selection and looking for purpose-led brands, we provide the healthcare community with solid and innovative solutions that are better for people and better for the planet.

Our product focus


We pursue strong partnerships with suppliers by emphasizing common values and a commitment to upholding human rights throughout the entire value chain.

We embedded ESG topics in our Supplier Selection Procedure and send out questionnaires to our existing suppliers. It is our ambition to have our Supplier Code of Conduct signed by all of our suppliers.

product portfolio

As a distributor, we are in a unique position where we can include purpose-led brands to make our product portfolio more sustainable.

We are always looking for innovative, sustainable technologies to broaden our offering. Together with the customer, we look at how we can have a positive impact on healthcare as a whole.

Building a better future with the UN Global Compact

Duomed Group supports the UN Global  Compact, a voluntary initiative based on company commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to advance UN goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Since February 2023, we have pledged to continually improve their integration into our business strategy, culture, and daily operations. 

We also commit to issue an annual Communication on Progress, a public disclosure to stakeholders on progress made in implementing the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, and in supporting broader UN development goals.


About the UN Global Compact

Launched in 2000, the United Nations Global Compact is a call to companies around the world to align their strategies and operations with ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and to take action in support of broader UN goals.


Through the development, implementation, and disclosure of responsible corporate policies and practices, business can help ensure that markets advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere.


The Global Compact is not a regulatory body, but a voluntary leadership platform for dialog and learning. With more than 10,000 signatories in 160 countries, it is the world's largest corporate responsibility initiative..


Sustainability Report

In June 2024 we published our first Sustainability Report in which we elaborate on our achievements. 

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