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Duomed Belgium donates medical equipment to B-Fast to support Turkey & Syria

February 22, 2023 - The Duomed team is deeply touched by the distress of the people following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

We got in touch with the B-Fast Team to identify the needs that we could meet.

Thanks to our huge warehouse of Nivelles, we were able to rapidly free up essential equipment and prepare a big delivery of medical material to be send to B-fast in Vilvoorde before leaving to the affected are.

Our donation should rapidly reach the disaster area, that consists of:

  • Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Disinfection Spray, Surface Sanitizer, Disinfection Wipes for surfaces, Hand Soap

  • Examination Gloves, surgical Masks

  • Aprons, gowns, and blouses for medical staff.

In total we gathered 11.536 boxes, corresponding to 116 pallets.

6 trucks left the Duomed Warehouse this week.

With you, we wish all the best to the B-Fast Emergency Medical Team, and a lot of courage to the Turkish and Syrian population.


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