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We enter the world of regenerative medicine

Unique features

The revolutionary application system is designed for the delivery of Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or PRF® to the tissue in a controlled and accurate manner, without blockage and with minimal waste. Instant polymerisation upon application ensures that the fibrin or PRF® solution always remains where it is applied. Compared to conventional products, the Vivostat® product portfolio has a number of unique features, and being patient derived the products demonstrate excellent biocompatibility. Furthermore, no thrombin or bovine components are added to the blood or fibrin/PRF® solution at any time during the process.

A superior solution

The Vivostat® system has been developed with emphasis on user-friendliness and the process is convenient and fully automated. The products are designed to provide superior solutions in multiple settings, independent of whether it is used in a surgical department, a wound care centre or centrally, for example in the transfusion centre or blood bank. Operating the system is straightforward and intuitive making it easy to use by the healthcare personnel.

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