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Duomed Group, reliable partner for personal protective equipment

The corona precautionary measures are here to stay for a while, and so are mouth masks. Therefore, we are making our range of personal protection equipment, besides our current healthcare partners, available for all companies, practices, care homes and institutions. Our masks are tested in Denmark and hold the required European Certificates.

All products are in stock in our warehouses in Europe and thus directly deliverable. Please note that any offer will be valid as long as stocks lasts.

What is the difference between Type II and Type IIR masks?

Type IIR face masks EN14683 are medical face masks made up of a 3 ply construction that prevents large particles from reaching the patient or working surfaces. Type IIR Face masks include a splash resistant layer to protect against blood and other bodily fluids. Type IIR face masks are tested in the direction of exhalation (inside to outside) and take into account the efficiency of bacterial filtration.


IIR protection mask

Disposable surgical face mask Type IIR (acc. EN 14683:2019+AC:2019) Blue, 3-ply, elastic ear loops, pliable plastic-coated nose piece, dimensions 17.5 x 9.5 cm


FFP2 protection mask

Our Particle Filtering Half Mask, with reference DFM-01, is a folding filtering half mask without valve and can be fitted with ear loops and has a head harness clip. The classification or respirator standard is FFP2 NR. FFP stands for "filtering face piece", NR means "non reusable".

This FFP2 NR mask has a filter capacity of at least 94 % (removes x% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger). The mask is made according to standards EN149:2001+A1:2009 and falls under the PPE Regulation 2016/425. Furthermore, this product is assessed according to the Essential Health and Safety Requirements in Annex II of the PPE regulation 2016/425 but also meets the needs of the WHO document dcp-ncov. Pdf and EU Commission Recommendation (EU) 2020/403.

CE Certificate
Download • 556KB

IIR with face shield

Disposable 3-Ply 3-folder ear-loop face masks with shield REPEL mask is a uniquely designed pleated 3-ply, 3 folder tie-on face mask, with anti fog shield or fog free foam strip to provide extra protection. It is 100% latex-free and fiberglass free. All materials are non-irritant and odorless. Available in both tie-on and ear-loop type.

This mask complies with the European Directive and therefore unique in its kind.
  • 3-ply, 3-folder comfortable design.

  • Fluid resistant perforated film(PPF) outer layer.

  • Meltblown filtration middle layer.

  • Fluid resistant perforated film (PPF) as third layer can provide additional protection and breathability.

  • Silk-like, ultra-soft cellulosic white inner layer.

  • 100% latex, fiberglass free hypoallergenic material.

  • Full length aluminum nose piece.

Download • 2.82MB
CE Certificate
Download • 144KB

More info?

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our companies. Prices, documentation and certificates available on request.


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