The environmental policy of the DUOMED group pursues the following objectives:

  1. Environmental risk management
  2. Commitment to continuous improvement of environmental impact and performance
  3. Cost-saving measures
  4. Compliance with laws and regulations

Environmental legislation and environmental standards are applicable to the activities, products and services of the DUOMED group. In order to be aware of these standards, and in support of their application, The DUOMED group is affiliated with trade unions in BeMedtech (Belgium) and FHI (Federation of the technology industry, The Netherlands). The international WEEE-guideline (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) promotes and imposes standards on the manufacturer for the retrieval, handling, processing and recovery of discarded electrical and electronical equipment. Following this guideline is a criterion in the selection and assessment of our suppliers. The entities within the DUOMED group are affiliated with Recupel, Bebat, VAL-I-PAC and RTA when it comes to recycling or retrieval of waste.

On infrastructure and industrialization goals, we try to move goods as optimal as possible. When we move our goods, we are keen on the partner and their sustainability goals. Within the DUOMED group, separate streams for paper and cardboard, plastic and other waste are in place. For paper and cardboard waste, we have press containers. Collection and pick-up of waste by specialist waste disposal companies that separate the waste and recycle where applicable.

DUOMED group is committed to ethical behaviour in all its activities. To this end, all available guidelines are respected.
Our commitment to corporate social responsability manifests itself by providing material support to develop organizations among other things. This includes providing (free of charge) discarded medical instruments, devices and accessories; technical support to get the equipment ready for reuse; recently expired consumables that are still perfectly usable etc.

We actively support our service engineers that they voluntarily participate in humanitarian missions abroad, where they maintain and/or repair medical equipment. Ethics are key in our organisation, we select our employees solely on their competence and we check if our vendors do this as well. Moreover, we also verify that our vendors respect the FCPA (US) and the British Bribary act, and that they have a procedure for sustainable production in place.